1001 Tips for Military Families - Tip #460

Easter Hunt for Tweens and Teens (Updated)

FullSizeRender (15)

A couple of puzzle pieces in each egg and sometimes a chocolate egg or two!

With Easter coming, the pressure is on to prepare an Easter Egg hunt and with them being older, they needed a challenge and we have a dog so hiding chocolate eggs isn’t great.  My kids don’t want to give up being kids so I am all for that for as long as I can get it!   This was a big hit last year and I decided that I would do it again.  I bought two 100 piece puzzles, will write on the back of it using markers with the clue to where the baskets were hidden.  Being teenagers, I have written two messages on each of the puzzles.  I will then put the puzzle pieces in plastic eggs and when they finished the puzzle they would be able to discover where their baskets were hidden.

You will need: permanent marker, plastic eggs, two puzzles exactly the same and a few jelly beans, mini chocolate eggs and something you are giving them hidden in a safe location. 


1) Buy 2 puzzles (got mine at Walmart this year and chose two 100 piece puzzles to add the to the challenge I bought two different puzzles)

2) Use a permanent marker and write your message across both puzzles. 

Message Is: Hoppy Easter! Your baskets are somewhere in the laundry room!

Message Is: Hoppy Easter! Your baskets are somewhere in the laundry room!

3) Mix both of the puzzles together and then put a couple of puzzle pieces in each egg (sometimes I put some jelly beans or chocolate in the plastic eggs to keep them fueled up)

FullSizeRender (14)

Two puzzles mixed together


4) Count how many plastic eggs you hide so you know when they have all their puzzle pieces 

5) Hide eggs and then enjoy an hour or so of watching them work together to figure it out, make a coffee and put your feet up! 

Happy Hunting!

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