A Year of Being Selfish

Being a working Mom means there has been little time to spend on myself or even think much about what I want and need. As many of you reading this know - our careers, goals, dreams and selfish wants and needs often get put on the back burner.  I am not complaining as I love being a Mom.  I chose to put myself last much of the time but this does catch up to you. 

Last year I burnt out. When I stopped and looked around and there was no one jumping up to take care of me and put me first. Over the last year I stepped away from my tips blog as I felt as though I had no good advice left and took some time to feel sorry for myself, then to think about what it was I needed and this year I am going to take action. 

I am going to make 2017 the year I take a few minutes or hours a week to be selfish and hopefully inspire you to do some serious and needed self care too. I am going to put myself first sometimes and make no apologies for it. I am going to take good care of myself and teach my children the importance of self care at the same time - instead of allowing them to believe I am super woman that needs nothing. I don’t want my children to think that being a good person or mother means always putting yourself last. 

My first act of pure selfishness was to book two massages in one month. One booking would be good but anyone can make it to one appointments scrape together enough money for one appointment.  Justifying spending money on two appointments is hard.  Two bookings says, “My well being is important and I am worth this expense”.  This month I challenge you all to spend money and time on your wellness more than once. Book two yoga classes, go to the spa twice, get a pedicure at the beginning and end of the month, etc.  Make the commitment to do more than “an one off” gesture for yourself and your wellness. I did and it felt great!  

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