To Do FOR ME List

Part of my year of taking care of myself and being a little selfish involves thinking about what I want and need. With Mother’s Day coming up I thought this was the perfect time to share my “to do for me list”. I am always writing to do lists for myself but this time I wrote one for my family!  

Here it is:

1) Plan, cook and clean up dinner

2) Repair the door handle in the hallway

3) Put up a light in the living room

4) Breakfast in bed 

5) Clean out your closets and bag stuff for donation

6) Let me sleep in 

7) Make me a cup of tea afterschool

8) Walk the dog without arguing for a week 

9) Weed the garden beds

10) Come grocery shopping with me and help unpack it all. 

Those are some examples of what I have in store for my own family this Mother’s Day and beyond.  I hope it inspires you to make a “To Do for Me” list of your own. There really aren’t a lot of materialistic things I want. I want and need help and I have to learn to ask for it. If I don’t, I end up looking and feeling less like the person I want to be.  Trying to be all things to everyone else leaves you with nothing left for yourself. Write a list and ask for help so that you have some time this Mother’s Day that is just for you. 


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