1001 Tips for Military Families - #427

Four Ways to Stay in Touch - Tip #427  Guest Post By: Heather Smith As a military family you are used to the nomadic lifestyle and with each move it seems to get harder. You tend to make friends and build bonds that you did not intend. Once you know it’s time to go, you [...]

101 Tips for Troops - #7

Communication - Tip #7 Whether you are 18 or 80 years old you have people in your life that love you, worry about you and think of you constantly.  You may not always see it as love and find it annoying at times but they love you and care about you all the same.   While [...]

More Tips for Military Families with Teens - #122

Complaint Department - Tip #122 Teens often wish that their home or school had a complaints department.  They normally mistake a parent for the department.  Try something fun and find out a little more about your teen(s) and family in the process.  Have your tween or teen write anyone in the family a letter of [...]

More Tips for Families with Teens - #158

15 Rules For Talking to Teens - Tip #158 Whether or not you are in the middle of a deployment, about to be posted, recently reunited or just living military life, these tips will help you to effectively communicate with teenagers.  I think that it is easy to blame teens and say that the communication [...]

Reader’s Tip of the Week - #10

Make Decisions Together Even When Apart This last deployment I made sure to include imy husband in on all the bigger changes and punishments.  When my son wanted to start walking home from school, I told him we would wait for dad’s opinion, same thing when my daughter wanted a very short haircut.   Also grades, [...]

Tips for Military Families #151

Deployment Jenga - Tip #151 It isn’t easy gettng your family together long enough to get talking about the things that really matter.  If you are running support groups or classroom programs or just want to get your family talking about their worries, goals, dreams, fears, etc. this is the ideal game to put people [...]

Tips For Military Families - When They’re Back #18

Ask Questions - Tip #18 One of the things that we are all worried about doing is overwhelming our returning friend or family member with a lot of questions.  While I don’t think it is a great idea to ask 100′s of quesitons all in a row and insist on immediate responses, it will be [...]

More Tips for Military Families with Teens - #40

Family Meetings - #40 I can honestly say that I don’t know many teens that would willing attend something called a family meeting but you don’t have to call it that just make sure you have one.  It needs to be set rigidily into your schedule and you should have some idea of the things [...]

More Tips for Military Families: When They’re Back - Tip #12

While You Were Away Box - Tip #12 For younger children or children that have difficulty writing, it is important for them to document the absence in their own way.  Have them create and decorate a ‘While You Were Away Box’.  It can be any size but remember to think about how long the absence [...]

Tips for Working with Teens - Tip #1

Tip #1 - Deployment Jenga© · Using the Jenga© block game you can create a quick and easy way to get teens talking without them feeling as though you are trying to interrogate them · Put a question on each tile with some of the tiles being a “Miss your turn” or “Ask someone else [...]


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