Tips for Military Families - #180

Lists to Motivate - Tip #180 These ideas could be on your fridge door, bathroom door, kitchen door, or any space that you will see each morning before your day really gets into action.  The idea of creating a motivational list is to get your family or yourself thinking positively and re-affirming thoughts and emotions [...]

More Tips for Military Families with Teens - # 62

Make lists - Tip #62 Making “to do” or “wish lists” is a good way to get your teen focused.  When I was doing guidance, on a military base school, I would often start classes or groups with making lists.  It was a quick way to engage the students and they didn’t complain (much) as [...]

More Tips for Military Families - #152

Pre - Deployment Checklist - Tip #152 When my husband went on his first deployment to Bosnia, many years ago, I was completely and utterly clueless.  It was one of the hardest experiences of my life, next to my mother dying.  I was alone, in a strange city, no family close by.  I was also [...]

More Tips for Military Families - #150

Postive Thinking Reminders - Tip #150 Make posters or even sheets of paper that could be for your fridge , bathroom door, kitchen, beside your bed or any place that you will see each morning before your day really gets into action.  The idea of the signs/poster is to get your family or yourself thinking [...]

More Tips for Families with Teens - #140

Tip # 140 - Life Lists We all have ideas in our head about what we would like to do before we die, if we won the lottery, if we lived somewhere else, when you get married, when you graduate, etc.  Sometimes those dreams never make it past our own brain.   It is important [...]

More Tips for When They’re Back - #89

Make Lists - #89 Setting goals, making ‘to do’ lists not only helps you to look to the future in a positive way but it also a great way to involve the entire family.  When you create lists with your family it will give you a better sense of what needs to be done, what [...]

Top 10 Lists for Military Teens

Lists to Get Military Teens Thinking… Having your teen write top ten lists is less daunting than a letter or newsy email can be and will often lead to conversations you wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Teens often tell me that they don’t write because they don’t know what to say, this solves this problem.  They [...]

More Tips for the Tips #54

Tip #54 - Top Ten Lists Top ten lists that you create with your family can be used at any time, any occassion or any event on any day, week or month.  If everyone in the family does a few during the absence they will be another great thing to add to your journal or [...]


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