1001 Tips for Military Families - Tip #470

“I Love You Because…” Frames

Our lives as a family are busy.  We have chosen to do the things that we love to do and are having fun but most mornings I don’t really don’t see my kids very much.  In fact, most mornings I wake them (after turning on lights, telling them to get up 5 times and then move to panicked pleading) but then I have to leave for work.  Being a teenager is hard, really hard.  I want my kids to know that they are not only loved but why they are loved - at this age they want facts and evidence or they don’t believe it!  I know that they really don’t hear much that I say with their morning and pre breakfast brain.  I decided that I would make something quick and easy that they could read while they were getting ready and try to start their day off right.

Being that we are busy, I can assure you that these were EASY to make, are easy to do and cheap!  All you need is two frames, paper, and a white board marker.  You can change it every day or once a week.  It is up to you.

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More Tips for Military Families with Teens #79

Tip #79 - Hug

Even if this is something your teen doesn’t ask for, do it.  Human contact is really important and gives everyone a sense of belonging, comfort and strength.  If you have an absent family member this will be another way of providing comfort through uncertainty.  If you do not do it, they will go looking for this comfort with others…

I think that you should hug your teen everyday or at least a couple of times a week.  It is part of not only telling them that you love them but showing them too.  Of course it goes without saying that there are places and times for this and they aren’t going to be in front of a school, in the middle of the mall or in front of all of their friends (unless they have asked for one or are comfortable with this).  Let them resist you but don’t let this be a reason that you give up.  Take the resistence for what it is, discomfort and uncertainty and let that be a motivator for doing it often until they are comfortable recieving hugs.

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Megan Recommends - Guess How Much I Love You

Megan’s Recommendation for the week - “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney

This week I thought it would be nice to recommend a book that I believe every parent should read to their child at least once.  It is the story of Little Nutbrown Hare who tries to measure his love for his parent and in turn the parent tries to explain their own feelings for their child.  It is another book that will explain to your child that your love is deep and immesureable.  If you have a loved one away your child can feel forgotten or unloved at times.  I am not suggesting that this is rational but this is the reality.  Reading books like this one will reinforce to your child that they are loved beyond measure in ways they are able to relate to.

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