1001 Tips for Military Families - Tip #468

Tell Your Story - Tip #468

Everyone has stories inside of them to share about their experiences during a deployment, re-integration, posting or their lives as part of a military family.  Whether you were the one on a deployment or at home waiting for the deployment to be over, tell your story - a lot happens to you!  You don’t have to write a public blog or have a published book but you do need to put your thoughts out there - write them or record them somehow.  By sharing your experiences you are processing your thoughts and feelings, letting others understand your experiences and taking the first step in letting go and moving forward.  This is also a great way of sharing all the things that happened to you while your family member or friend was away.  They can look through it or read it at their pace when they return and it will help to fill in the gaps while they were away.


* If you don’t enjoy writing, tell your story through a video journal

* Take a photo of something or someone every day

* Decide in advance whether or not others are going to be allowed to read it/see it

* Remember to record dates and times (you think you will remember but time really does fly)

* Make time to do this every day - it will be time just for you (which we all don’t do enough of)

* Another option is to consider using StoryWorth.  For Veterans/Remembrance Day,  StoryWorth are launching the Military Stories Project to help veterans across the country share their stories with their families. From November 1st until November 11th, they are offering free accounts to active service members, and 50% off subscriptions to all veterans and their families. Additionally, for anyone else who purchases a subscription during that time, we’re donating $10 to an organization working with veterans (Wounded Warriors).

However you decide to share your stories, make sure you do.  You may feel as though what you have to say is important, not necessary, not worth talking about or too difficult but those that love you will definitely disagree and the benefits of letting it will flow over into every part of your life.  Writing this blog has been one way that I have been able to share my experiences and it has strengthen me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

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Send Us Your Tips!

Share Your Own Tips -

You might say to your self, I came here to get tips from someone else!  But this is also a suggestion/tip, tell others about what you did well, what you continue to do that works, something that you struggle with and what you are doing to cope, the best advice that you were ever given, some strategy your parents used that you now do, etc.  By sharing your success you will also be reminding yourself that you have some!  It is easy to look at what isn’t going right and fall into the trap of thinking that everything else is wrong too.  By sharing your successes you are also helping others.

Write to us with the best things you think you did during an absence, a deployment, a daily habit or routine, re-integration/re-union strategy, etc.  Each week we will be choosing a tip from someone else to post.

If we use your tip, we will send you one of our books (of your choice) for free!  We will contact you if your tip is selected.

Remember that many of our successes come from the little things that we do well!  The tip in all of this is to make sure you notice the things that are working in your life and not just the things that aren’t.

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