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Deployment Handbook - A practical handbook to support military families through all stages of deployment.

Reunion Handbook -  A handbook to support military families through re-integration and reunion.

Deployment Program for Tweens and Teens -  A six to twelve week program for students aged 11yrs and up that works with the 'While You Were Away - Teen Deployment Journal'

Deployment Jenga - Instructions and questions for families and support groups to use and play

Deployment-Reunion Cycle - A graphical picture showing the deployment cycle.

Life Board - How to think about your life on one page for teens.

My Family Picture Activity - Living in a family military family you often have to have friends or family look after you, a sheet for younger students to fill out and talk about

Who Has A Parent Away Chart - Use this template to create a chart in your centre or school or classroom.  Students will be able to self identify and then discover that they are not alone.

Bulletin Board for Deployment - Ideas for creating a central bulletin board in your resource centre, daycare, school or classroom

Movie Poster - Activity for anyone 9 years and older.  It will give other students, staff and parents an idea of how their children are feeling about their lives.

ONe and oNLy yOu Collage - This will help students to develop some self awareness and self worth

Thought Tree or Journal - An activity that all schools, daycares or resource/drop in centres can use to get students thinking and recognize that they are not alone.  It can really really visually amazing too.

Classroom Resource Centre Poster - A poster designed to give you a good sense of where your students or group members familys' are on the deployment cycle and their understanding of it.

How Has Your Day Started Poster - A quick an easy poster for any classroom or resource centre.  It could be placed at the door and students simply walk through and point to what would best describe where they are at emotionally.  An important tool in beginning to identify feelings and emotions.

Pre-Deployment checklist - A pre-deployment Checklist.

Need To Know List - A list of things you should know during a deployment.

Moving Checklist for Military Families - A checklist of things to do when moving as a military family.

Paperwork Checklist for Military Families - A checklist of paperwork that may be useful to military families.

Diving Beneath Surface - Facilitators Guide - Facilitators Guide for Diving Beneath the Surface student journal.

Mind Over Mood Charting - Charts to help with moods.

How to and When To - Charts to track when and how to do important tasks around the house.

Car Bingo Game Card - Car Bingo game card.

Updated Pre-Deployment Checklist - An Updated and Improved Pre-Deployment Checklist, all the key task you must do.



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