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Recommended Reading for

Military Kids and Teens




Eric Walters – Shattered

·        A veteran who is homeless and the discovery of his life and what got him to where he is through the eyes of the teens who uncovers his past.


Eric Walters – Wounded

·        A military family’s experiences through the eyes of their teenage son.  His father is deployed and then returns home with PTSD


Gordon Korman – Jake Re-invented

·        Jake reinvents himself to be popular and moves to another school.  Teaches students about being yourself and the value of true friendships


Gary Paulsen – Hatchet

·        A boy’s plane crashes in the northern wilderness and he has to survive against all of the odds


Egghead – Caroline Pignat

·        Three teens struggle to find their way out of a grade 9 dilemma – how not to be a bystander to bullying, how to stand up for your friends and how to deal with consuming rage.


The Hundred Dresses – Eleanor Estes

·        This sixty old story is timeless.  It tells the story of Wanda who wears the same faded blue dress to school everyday yet she tells people that she has 100 dresses at home.  One girl has a choice to make – stand up to her best friend who teases Wanda or go although with it.


Who Moved My Cheese for Teens – Spencer Johnson

·        Cheese is a metaphor for what you want in life.  Teens can make their way through the maze of change (life) through 4 characters and make some self discoveries along the way – about how they handle, move through and adapt to change.


Afghan Dreams: Young Voices of Afghanistan – Tony O’Brian and Mike Sullivan

·        Each page has an incredible photo of a child and their story in their words.  It provides teens with insight into the lives of others who having been living with war their entire lives


Just Kidding – Trudy Ludwig

·        This book helps students to distinguish between good natured teasing and the destructive variety.  It explores the world of teasing, exclusion and self esteem.  It makes readers ask, “If they were really just kidding, why am I not laughing?”.


My Secret Bully – Trudy Ludwig

·        In this story her secret bully is supposed to be her best friend.  This book looks at what friendship is and isn’t, relational aggression and the use of relationships to manipulate and hurt others.





Who Is Melvin Bubble – Nick Bruel

·        Melvin is described through the eyes of others on each page.  Each character has a different view of who Melvin is – including Melvin himself


Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon – Patty Lovell

·        Molly Lou has to start a new school and a bully pick on her on the very first day but Molly Lou knows what to do.


One – Kathryn Otoshi

·        An original way to look at bullying.  Blue is a quiet colour, Red is a hot head and Red likes to pick on Blue.  Sometimes it just takes one.


Zero – Kathryn Otoshi

·        Zero is looking to find value in herself and in others.  Zero is a big round number and when she looks at herself all she sees is a big hole right in the centre.


The Dot – Peter H. Reynolds 

·        Vashti doesn’t believe in himself and with the gentle words and actions of his teacher he discovers another part of himself and then passes the gift of self discovery on to another boy


Night Catch – Brenda Ehrmantraunt

·        When a soldier has to leave his son and go half way across the world he uses the North Star to play a game of catch together each night.


7 Habits for Happy Kids – Sean Covey

·        Through the characters of 7 Oaks, this book teaches kids the values, habits and principals that will help them throughout their lives.


Scaredy Squirrel (Whole series) – Melanie Watt

·        Scaredy Squirrel has a number of fears and anxieties.  Through humour and a series of events Scaredy Squirrel learns how to navigate through life despite his anxiousness or worries.


Courage – Bernard Waber

·        A simple book that identifies different types of courage that others can have


Once Upon A Dragon: Stranger Safety for Kids – Jean E. Pendziwol

·        Military students often have a variety of people who provide them with care so teaching them about stranger safety is essential.  This book does it in a fun way and with a Dragon that has a lot to learn.


Who Moved My Cheese for Kids – Spencer and Christian Johnson

·        This book teaches students to view change as a good thing that can lead to new opportunities and adventures that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


My Best Friend – Mary Ann Rodman

·        Lily wants desperately to be Tamika’s best friend but Tamika already has a best friend.  While trying to make friends Tamika, Lily makes an expected friendship.


The Quilt Makers Journey – Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken

·        This is the story about the value of generosity and the spirit of community.  A brave girl leaves her village in search of the true meaning of happiness.


Those Shoes – Maribeth Boelts

·        Jeremy wants the shoes that every kid at school wears.  His grandma tells him they don’t have the money for ‘want’ just ‘need’.  Jeremy discovers that the things he has are worth more than the things he wants.


Have You Filled A Bucket Today? – Carol McCloud

·        This book and program encourages children to express kindness, appreciated and love on a daily basis


The Heart and the Bottle – Oliver Jeffers

·        This story is about a girl whose life with filled with wonder and then one day something happened to cause her to put her heart in a jar to keep it safe.  This book deals with loss and hope.


The OK Book – Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Litchtenheld

·        What if you are just “OK” at things?  This book inspires students to explore the world, try tons of different things and be ok about not being good at everything but to have fun trying.


Some Things Are Scary – Florence Parry Heide

·        No matter how old you are there are things that are scary.  This book takes at many of the things that people can find scary in a light and fun way.


The Magic Beads – Susin Nielsen-Fernlund

·        Lily is 7 years old and has just moved into shelter with her Mom.  It is her turn to do show and tell at school and is really worried about what she will do.  This book looks at how to heal past wounds, conquer anxiety and create wonder.


Daddy Will You Miss Me? – Wendy McCormick & Jennifer Eachus

·        A father is going to work in far away Africa for several months and this book tells how his son captures the missed moments and shares them when his dad returns.


Say Something – Peggy Moss

·        This book looks at children who become bystanders to bullying and teaches kids at an early age the meaning of civic responsibility.


Megan Egerton’s Books


Diving Below The Surface: Writing About the Real Me

·        200 page journal with 100 writing prompts


While You Were Away Journal for Teens

·        Deployment Journal with writing prompts, charts, activity suggestion and questions to consider


While You Were Away Journal for Kids

·        Deployment Journal with writing prompts, charts, activity suggestion and questions to consider


While You Were Away Journal for Families

·        Deployment journal/scrapbook for military families during deployments or extended absences


101 Tips for Families Experiencing Deployment or Extended Absence

·        Strategies, ideas and simple to implement suggestions for military families to build resiliency during absences and/or deployments


101 Tips for Military Families with Teens

·        Strategies, suggestions and ideas for effectively communicating with teens and helping parents to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect


101 Tips for When They’re Back

·        Tips, strategies, and activities prior to and during the entire re-integration process after an extended absence or deployment





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